Scale: the key to automobile tech innovation

As ACCESS is so involved in providing technology and content for in-car entertainment, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about innovation in the automobile industry. I’ve realised that scale is key, and as software adds so much innovation to next generation cars, scale is even more important. As the number of lines of code in a car continues to rise, it’s critical that the OEMs can re-use code between models, lines and even companies. As the OEM groups grow through consolidation (e.g. Stellantis, the product of the merger between Fiat Chrysler and PSA), there is greater opportunity to amortise car software development and licensing costs over a greater number of vehicles.

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Building the automotive app store

By Doron Shorr, Business Development, Automotive, ACCESS Europe

The new generation of car buyers wants more connected car features! This isn’t breaking news for the automotive industry, and having spoken to several major OEMs in the past few months, it’s clear they understand the direct value it brings to their business.

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Lessons in data ownership from mobile

I am often asked about the connected car and the role that data will play in the future. There’s no denying that the in-car experience is set to undergo a fundamental shift towards connected services. Whoever controls the data will control a new form of relationship with car users and reap the resulting financial rewards. So how do OEMs ensure that their current customer relationships carry through to this always-on, data focused environment?

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Volkswagen rebrands its automotive software organisation as CARIAD

I’m pleased to see that Volkswagen has re-branded its automotive software organisation as CARIAD, as I was never completely sure which letters to capitalise and where the full stop went in ‘Car.Software Org’. It’s also great to see from its new website that Volkswagen is really getting behind bundling together its software competencies and further expand them, building upon a heritage of bringing automotive innovation to everyone.

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The millennials are coming to the car and they demand content: Are you ready?

Radio has long stood as the dominant form of entertainment in the car due to being so easy to use and delivering a great user experience. Curated content at the simple touch of a button – it’s perfect for drivers. It’s also perfect for OEMs as a radio aerial can pick up signals of local channels anywhere in the world, making it very easy to implement when mass-producing cars for global distribution. But radio and in-car listening are set to undergo a fundamental change as cars become increasingly connected and we see a shift towards streaming. OEMs need to act now if they are to stay ahead.

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