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By 2020, the global smart home market will be worth over $50 billion, which demonstrates how consumers are embracing IoT technologies and realising how they can make their lives easier. Advancements in technology mean that devices that are central to the home – from CCTV cameras through to smart TVs and washing machines – can be controlled by either a remote, smartphone or tablet.

While consumers are enjoying the efficiency and convenience of IoT technologies, we believe the smart home experience can be optimized even further by breaking down the silos between the IoT and multimedia industries. Despite media and entertainment services being an integral part of the home experience, they have typically been viewed as separate entities and consumers have to use numerous applications in order to access and control different functions. If smart homes are meant to the epitome of ease and convenience, then fragmented IoT and multimedia services need to unify and enable joint capabilities.

This is why we partnered with OBLO Living to launch a solution based on our award-winning ACCESS Twine™ 360° Smart Media Platform and OBLO Living Gateway. Our combined Smart Home solution seamlessly integrates both the Internet of Things (IoT) and multimedia worlds, providing a one-stop solution for services in and out of the home – all securely managed with built-in DRM, even for remote access scenarios.

For consumers, this opens new doors to IoT-enabled multimedia: for example, a video stream from a surveillance camera can be place-shifted to any screen from the media domain, so when the doorbell rings, the viewer can watch live footage of the visitor at their door. Since the solution is also compatible with popular IoT devices, such as Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home/Assistant, consumers can centrally manage all smart home applications like light, A/C systems and entertainment services.

We’re proud to be partnering with OBLO Living to launch a solution that brings futuristic home experiences to the here-and-now. If you would like to learn more about how ACCESS’ and OBLO Living’s solution is the missing piece of the truly smart home, please get in touch. If you want to learn more about our views on the future of multimedia entertainment both in and out of the home, please register to our newsletter.

Published by Robert Guest

Robert is VP Product and Content at ACCESS Europe, with a focus on HTML5 platforms and media sharing solutions, including industry specific extensions such as HbbTV and W3C Vehicle APIs, so that ACCESS customers can deploy standards based state of the art products. He has been involved in projects with major customers in both automotive and TV and ensures a customer focused development strategy for ACCESS. His role involves working with telcos, middleware suppliers, STB OEMS, automotive tier 1s and automotive OEMS to ensure that ACCESS products deliver the features needed in these fast evolving markets.

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