Leveraging the DLNA® VidiPath™ guidelines for seamless and secure TVEverywhere

As we all know, having access to all your content on all your devices is not a practical reality right now. In a multiscreen world where any device can act as the primary gateway to content, it is crucial for operators to find a solution that addresses the biggest hurdles to multiscreen delivery, including:

  • The requirement to authorize each device
  • No uniform and centralized content catalogue
  • A perceived lack of security on connected devices leading to fragmented rights

The DLNA consortium launched the VidiPath™ guidelines in September 2014 to provide device manufacturing and content businesses with a framework to remove these obstacles and enable consumers to securely and more easily share premium content such as movies and network television on any of their connected devices.

VidiPath has been designed to enable a single gateway to stream all of a provider’s programming seamlessly to VidiPath compatible TVs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, PCs and more, over a wireless network. A key feature of the technology guidelines are that they aim to ensure that any VidiPath certified product is interoperable with all the other certified devices automatically, without user configuration.

In a recent webinar, DLNA representatives explained the potential of the recent guidelines for the multiscreen industry in Europe. As an active member of the DLNA and an advocate of standards-based solutions, we believe that the VidiPath guidelines are a prerequisite for operators looking to offer more content access to their subscribers without additional fees. In an earlier blog, we demonstrated how the VidiPath guidelines can transform the way media is delivered to multiple devices in the home without loss of quality or security by using HTML5, DTCP-IP and UPnP.

We have developed our solutions portfolio to ensure that we complied with the DLNA requirements for best in class user experiences while supporting the most stringent security.   Our media sharing technology component NetFront™ Living Connect in combination with the NetFront™ Browser HTML5 Engine enables operators to increase the number of devices their subscribers can use to access content while reducing operational and CAPEX costs, effectively making multiscreen and TV Everywhere a reality for consumers wherever they are.

We know that in the near future, all devices will be interconnected to offer TVEverywhere. By deploying consumer-friendly standardized solutions such as NetFront Living Connect with VidiPath, we are enabling this trend, ensuring that future generations will be able to swap content from one screen to another in the blink of an eye, safe in the knowledge that they will never have to authenticate the latest connected gadget they acquire.

Published by Robert Guest

Robert is VP Product and Content at ACCESS Europe, with a focus on HTML5 platforms and media sharing solutions, including industry specific extensions such as HbbTV and W3C Vehicle APIs, so that ACCESS customers can deploy standards based state of the art products. He has been involved in projects with major customers in both automotive and TV and ensures a customer focused development strategy for ACCESS. His role involves working with telcos, middleware suppliers, STB OEMS, automotive tier 1s and automotive OEMS to ensure that ACCESS products deliver the features needed in these fast evolving markets.

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