The millennials are coming to the car and they demand content: Are you ready?

Radio has long stood as the dominant form of entertainment in the car due to being so easy to use and delivering a great user experience. Curated content at the simple touch of a button – it’s perfect for drivers. It’s also perfect for OEMs as a radio aerial can pick up signals of local channels anywhere in the world, making it very easy to implement when mass-producing cars for global distribution. But radio and in-car listening are set to undergo a fundamental change as cars become increasingly connected and we see a shift towards streaming. OEMs need to act now if they are to stay ahead.

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4/. Next generation radio and audio streaming

This is the fourth part of a series of blog posts we’re publishing over the next few months on the topic of “The In-Car Roadmap: A Definitive Guide to IVI.” Subscribe to The Multiscreen Blog to be notified when the next instalment of the series is available. A PDF version of this blog can be downloaded here.

Executive summary

  • Audio is still the most favoured infotainment option for drivers and passengers alike and is going through an evolution with the addition of streaming.
  • The first generation of connected cars have yet to fully integrate radio, streaming and BYOD services, leading to lower consumer satisfaction.
  • The IVI will increasingly act as a primary interface for audio service aggregation and integration including control plane functions such as voice recognition.
  • Value-added features – such as audio search and caching to overcome connection outages – are a considerable consumer benefit and enabled through IVI integration.
  • A software and cloud-based approach increases flexibility for consumers and allows OEMs to make service and feature updates without requiring a dealer visit.

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