Secure Multiscreen in 2017 – ACCESS’ and Verimatrix’ three-step guide to best in class TV Everywhere

There are more multiscreen services available than ever before and competition among service providers for the eyeballs of consumers is fierce. However, if operators truly want to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they need to offer a service that meets the expectations of their subscribers. In the near future, content consumption will not only be driven by Smart TVs, set-top-boxes and mobile devices, but also by connected cars, IoT and smart home devices.

Today’s consumers are used to multiscreening; they expect to have easy access to operators’ media and smart home services across all devices through a single management process. This simplified, centralised approach has now become a prerequisite to create a unique user experience that turns a casual user into a loyal subscriber.

In addition, consumers often find that their favourite content is available on numerous sources. For instance, it’s incredibly confusing when a new season of a TV series is available on one service and older seasons are only accessible on another, forcing viewers to subscribe to multiple services that they may not have considered otherwise. This can lead to a negative perception of a service, immediately backfiring for the operator offering the back catalogue. Operators can resolve this issue by syndicating content without compromising the content owner’s brand. This way, subscribers can watch their content on one platform instead of having to flick between different services and apps.

In our latest white paper, we provide operators with a three-step guide to maximising the potential of their multiscreen services. Serving a plethora of devices, syndicating content sources efficiently and securing the delivery of all assets are the three fundamental steps that all operators need to follow to create a compelling service that consumers crave. These tips also empower consumers to watch all the content they desire on any device, anytime and anywhere.

To learn more about the state of multiscreen in 2017 and best to solve these critical challenges, please download our white paper by following this link. The “Multiscreen in 2017: Delivering best-in-class experiences across all screens” white paper will also be readily available on our stand at IBC (#14.D14) so feel free to book an appointment with us to see how we can help you solve your multiscreen challenges.

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