The TV Everywhere experience is hitting the road

The TV Everywhere experience is hitting the road

It’s an absolutely fascinating time for the automotive industry. The global market is worth over $200 billion, and there’s now an amazing opportunity to provide cutting edge in-car entertainment experiences. Already, connected and autonomous cars and electric vehicles are joining traditional cars on the road. With greater connectivity and, in some cases, more free time for drivers, we believe that there is a need for more cutting edge entertainment experiences to be made available to road users.

We created our Twine for Car ™ solution to make our vision of the future a reality. It is an OEM white label solution which has the ability to combine the user’s own content library with an international content catalogue and adjust the experience to each journey and user. Twine for Car is a result of ACCESS’ extensive experience of being at the forefront of technological innovation in the connected entertainment world. To date, our technology has been deployed on 1.5 billion devices, including over 30 million cars worldwide.

Twine for Car is an end-to-end platform, which is a first for the automotive world, but it is a familiar delivery mechanism in the media and entertainment industry, which is where a lot of ACCESS’ experience comes from. We have a unique opportunity to provide not just a technology platform but also the content aggregation platform to provide that solution for the car companies. With Twine for Car, we’re providing a solution that helps offer a range of in-car entertainment applications and services.

We ensure that passengers can OEM’s entertainment platform and watch personalised entertainment that adjusts to the length of their journey via screens in the rear seats. This includes when parents take their children to school, and they want to keep them quiet in the back. With an in-car entertainment system, children can watch family-friendly cartoons in the backseat. The passenger in the front seat can also enjoy the same type of content via the dashboard.

These revolutionary in-vehicle infotainment experiences are a direct result of our partnerships with a number of pioneers in the automotive space. Faurecia, a leading automotive technology company, is one of our most recently announced collaborations. Our partnership will see Twine for Car integrated into Faurecia’s innovative cockpit intelligence platform, which is an intuitive and fully connected experience for road users. We held the very first joint demonstrations with Faurecia at Auto Shanghai 2019, and we look forward to continuing our work with them as consumer demand for next-generation in-car experiences continues to grow.

It goes without saying that cutting edge in-car entertainment systems benefit consumers, but they also provide OEMs and the content industry with a number of competitive advantages. OEMs can design a brand offering that is only available in their vehicles and both enhances and extends their relationship with their customers. This ensures that they can boost revenues through advertising and distribution agreements with media and entertainment companies. For the content industry, the car is a new revenue stream. It enables new advertising models and new consumer experiences so broadcasters and content suppliers incentivizing them to take their content onto the roads and become a part of a true TV Everywhere experience.

People are already watching entertainment in the car via 4G, and soon 5G, as well as via in-car WIFI. But soon consumers will be able to enjoy a hyper-personalized in-car entertainment experience that combines the lean-back experience of TV and car manufacturers will have deeper relationships with road users as they protect and enhance their brand.

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Neale brings a wealth of broadcast, connected TV and consumer electronics industry experience to his role of spearheading ACCESS in Internet Connected Devices. ACCESS is one of the world’s leading software providers for connected mobile, Digital TV, set-top boxes and other electronic consumer devices. Neale ensures that ACCESS develops software solutions that enable broadcasters, operators and consumer electronics manufacturers to connect the broadcast world with the consumer electronic world to successfully launch new business models and consumer services.. Follow him on Twitter / Linkedin