We’re better connected: What we learned at CES

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) demonstrated that there really is no end to innovation in the technology world. The never-ending stream of new gadgets popping up at CES 2016 confirmed that connectivity is pervading every aspect of our lives, as demonstrated by the following three trends:

TV Screens: Sleeker and with more pixels

TVs are always a must see at CES. From the curved screens of last year, we have now moved to ones that can be rolled up and, more excitingly, to better resolutions than we could ever have imagined. This is enabled by new compression standards like Ultra High Definition (UHD) and, more recently, High Dynamic Range. HDR content and displays demonstrate a much greater range of brightness and luminosity, making images on the TV become closer to what we see before us in real life – effectively delivering a much more lifelike and immersive experience for viewers.

Wearables: Health and fitness is not just for the New Year

While the first few weeks of January sees a glut of health and fitness related products – from celebrity workout DVDs to smoothie makers – it also piggy-backed onto the continuing popularity of wearables to become a massive trend at CES, combining practicality with style. There was an abundance of smart clothes, including connected leggings and baby socks that alert parents in case a baby has problems breathing, as well as smart shoes that can substitute as a personal trainer. The race to connect continues, but this year’s CES has proved that consumers were planning to achieve this with style.

Connected ‘’Smart’’ Cars: We will all become Knight riders

When Knight Rider, the show featuring a fully autonomous car with artificial intelligence, was aired back in the 1980s, the thought of the real world having autonomous cars was pure fantasy. This year’s CES saw these dreams become reality, making it ever more apparent that cars are transforming into fully autonomous vehicles. New technologies demonstrated at CES aim to transform the passenger experience with panoramic screens that provide a range of infotainment and multimedia features. A multitude of features, such as turning on headlamps and opening garage doors automatically when a vehicle reaches a certain distance from home, are also enabling cars to evolve into real-life companions that can support day-to-day life.

The in-car infotainment experience is something we are heavily involved in through a range of embedded solutions that are integrated with automotive human-machine-interfaces (HMI), device management, dashboard and multimedia systems. Our solutions offer car manufacturers and tier-one suppliers the added confidence of deploying market proven technologies that deliver interactive content in resource constrained environments.

At CES, we showed our latest automotive innovations at the GENIVI showcase at CES, while multiscreen enthusiasts could see how our solutions deliver exciting new seamless and secure experiences across all screens at the Telechips suite at the Palazzo Hotel, or on the INNOPIA stand on the show floor.

For more information, please contact: tv@access-europe.com.

Published by Robert Guest

Robert is VP Product and Content at ACCESS Europe, with a focus on HTML5 platforms and media sharing solutions, including industry specific extensions such as HbbTV and W3C Vehicle APIs, so that ACCESS customers can deploy standards based state of the art products. He has been involved in projects with major customers in both automotive and TV and ensures a customer focused development strategy for ACCESS. His role involves working with telcos, middleware suppliers, STB OEMS, automotive tier 1s and automotive OEMS to ensure that ACCESS products deliver the features needed in these fast evolving markets.

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