How ACCESS and TomTom IndiGO are driving brand loyalty in today’s market

The in-car entertainment landscape is booming, and the demand for sophisticated features and systems is increasing. This technology evolution is being driven by consumers looking to get advanced entertainment as part of their everyday driving experience. However, the market is fragmented and would require a lot of investment to develop their own solutions, let alone obtaining access to content and media. Fortunately help is at hand: OEMs can partner with technology providers such as Tom Tom and ACCESS to integrate advanced IT solutions centred around mobile and network software technologies. As a result, companies will not only be able to meet the market’s demands but also reap the rewards of staying ahead of the game.

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Making sense of EV

When it comes to how vehicles are powered, the industry is moving in a cleaner, greener direction. Automotive OEMs are thinking beyond the long-used internal combustion engine towards electric vehicles (EVs). But there is a wide array of EVs available and countless acronyms to describe and differentiate them.

Getting your head around all these acronyms is not always easy, so we have put together this guide to explain the types of EVs available today, how they work, and how many are actually in use.

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