Building the automotive app store

By Doron Shorr, Business Development, Automotive, ACCESS Europe

The new generation of car buyers wants more connected car features! This isn’t breaking news for the automotive industry, and having spoken to several major OEMs in the past few months, it’s clear they understand the direct value it brings to their business.

This anecdotal feedback is supported by PWC Deutschland’s 2020 Digital Auto Report, which found that 63% of US drivers rated in-car entertainment as one of the car’s most essential features. This tells us a lot about the untapped potential of video and rear-seat entertainment services and why the role of digital (in areas such as automotive streaming solutions) will directly impact the vehicles purchased in the future.

All great news, right?

Certainly, but the pathway to creating exceptional automotive entertainment experiences is a complex one. Many OEMs understand that enabling content to reach the car efficiently is a significant undertaking. The majority do not have deep expertise in video content delivery or hold the necessary rights to deliver it across various national – let alone international – borders. And negotiating an effective partnership with a content owner is hindered by the low numbers of vehicles capable of delivering their content at the moment

If the scenario feels familiar, it’s because there are immediate parallels with the situation faced by TV manufacturers as they launched new Smart TVs over a decade ago. The solution is the same too: an App Store – and one that is car-centric.

I could write a lot to explain why ACCESS Europe is leading the way in this area. I could also outline how the latest version of ACCESS Twine for Car offers an exceptional high-end user experience that provides OEMs with a means to progress from third-party BYOD to their own, in-built IVI services. It’s all true too!

But I prefer to summarize the opportunities for OEMs instead. Put simply, taking control of the IVI is a critical element in building long-lasting digital relationships with car buyers. It offers OEMs a new way to generate new engagement methods and foster deeper loyalty and affinity with drivers and passengers.

Whether it’s internet browsing, watching a favorite program, or getting a traffic update, IVI services are fundamental to the future development of the car. Today’s car buyers want connected car features – and the next generation of car buyers will want it even more. An in-built car-centric app store can breathe new life into OEM brands. By building strategic partnerships with leading media and entertainment brands, they can wield the weight and power of content services that will be a determining factor in vehicle purchasing decisions.

Please DM Doron Shorr if you’d like to know more – he will be happy to discuss this topic in greater depth!

Published by ACCESS Europe

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