6./ The video entertainment revolution continues

This is the sixth part of a series of blog posts we’re publishing over the next few weeks on the topic of “The In-Car Roadmap: A Definitive Guide to IVI.” Subscribe to our Automotive Newsletter to be notified when the next instalment of the series is available. A PDF version of this blog can be downloaded here.

Executive summary

  • In-vehicle video (IVI) is an untapped market that will grow rapidly, thanks to automotive trends such as Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, increased ridesharing and the arrival of fully autonomous vehicles.
  • An approach that embraces IP, cloud and software allows OEMs to build an infotainment strategy that decouples the country of manufacture from the service delivery agreement.
  • The fragmented SVOD market and simmering rivalries between content providers makes delivering a flexible, integrated service a significant challenge for the automotive industry.
  • ACCESS has removed all the stumbling blocks around content deals, so that one single service can be provided across all OEM markets. ACCESS functions as a one-stop shop for acquiring content rights for TV, VOD, audio, games and apps for global usage.
  • Delivered as either a managed or co-managed platform, an OEM’s in-house development team is relieved of the burden of having to maintain continual updates to ensure BYOD device compatibility, access security and ongoing content agreements.

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