Banishing backseat boredom for kids in cars

Banishing backseat boredom

When I was a child, a long car journey meant answering potentially tricky questions about school homework, or far worse, listening to my parent’s music. Portable music devices solved this to some extent. However, listening to my music was only exciting for so long while stuck in the backseat of a car.

Well, I’m pleased to say that we’re now banishing backseat boredom by bringing content and technology specifically targeted and tailored to kids and rear-seat entertainment.

What we believe makes a riveting experience for kids are games, educational content, fun series and programs for different age groups, interest and uses cases.

So we partnered with N-Dream and Fingerprint to do just that via the ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system that we supply to car manufacturers globally. We’ve taken the cloud game solution AirConsole from N-Dream and integrated it with Twine4Car so that kids can use their smartphone as a powerful controller for single or multiplayer games on the rear-seat screens.

Also adding to the fun is the content from Kidomi™, an award-winning, all-in-one kids app delivering highly engaging, family-friendly content with thousands of hours of premium games, videos, educational content, books, podcasts, audio stories and music from leading global brands.

Car manufacturers providing IVI through Twine4Car will ensure that children are entertained so that their parents can concentrate on driving. The combination of cloud technology with better connections and the fantastic audio and video IVI capabilities means that next-generation cars are going to be exciting places to spend time. Instead of hearing constant cries of “are we there yet” after the first few miles, kids will not want to reach the destination.

About the author:

Sven Eckoldt is Global Product Director at ACCESS Europe, where he leads the content strategy for ACCESS’ automotive product development. Prior to joining ACCESS, he spent over a decade working in the media industry focusing on new media and video services, both from a broadcaster’s point of view during his tenure at Deutsche Welle and RTL II, and from the platform side while at Media Broadcast/freenet TV.. Follow him on Twitter / Linkedin