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CES 2018: the year automotive and entertainment collide

In 2017, the automotive industry showed heavy investment in advanced connectivity and this year’s CES has already confirmed that there is more to come. According to the TU-Automotive “Keeping Entertained in the Autonomous Vehicle” report – which features our VP Product Management Robert Guest – “the global in-vehicle entertainment market will reach a total market value of $52.2bn by 2022”, making it one of the most attractive sides of the industry to get involved in.

For us, the show featured a lot of exciting news with these highlights to report on behalf of ACCESS:

The GENIVI showcase reception event (January 9 at the Bellagio Hotel) enabled us to share our vision for the future of connected infotainment services with some of you – and we hope to have more conversations on the topic with you all throughout the year.

Furthermore, during CES we were able to share this vision with multiple OEMs and Tier 1s by discussing how our solutions help them navigate the evolution of auto tech, including:

  • ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) combines secure media distribution technology with our flexible multimedia content service for OEMs, bridging the gap between the automotive and the content industries. It increases the safety, comfort and flexibility in content consumption for drivers and passengers. Through ACCESS Twine™ for Car, we act as the single point of contact for the OEM for all types of content to ease-up the realization of state-of-the-art streaming services for cars.
  • Our high performance NetFront™ Browser, a key component of the ACCESS Twine™ for Car solution which also provides support for standardized HTML5 environments for applications, streaming media and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Finally, the show was an opportunity for us to provide attendees with our new ebook “Gearing up for an IoT-enabled automotive world”, which you can download from our website.

If you’re still wondering how to tackle the connectivity revolution in the car, get in touch with us.

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Looking forward to discussing how we can help you this year.

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