Joint Intel and ACCESS Premium Video Gateway whitepaper explains how operators can secure multiscreen media sharing in the home

Multiscreen is maturing at a quick pace, with more content available on more platforms than ever before, enabling consumers to enjoy content wherever they want and however they want. However, this raises multiple questions for operators, including securing the media sharing chain and adapting the security requirements to the plethora of devices used to access and consume video.

While operators and content owners need solutions that meet the consumer demand for simplicity and universal access to content, they must also comply with the studios’ stringent security requirements. Additionally, content owners and distributors have to fight for their revenues and relevance in an increasingly competitive marketplace, all the while trying to satisfy growing consumer expectation and requirement for Quality of Service (QoS) across multiple networks.

The joint Intel and ACCESS “Premium Video Gateway Whitepaper” gives an overview of the joint Intel and ACCESS solution that enables operators to meet the content industry’s requirements for universal and secure content access. The solution aims to enable consumer devices to interact and to provide the end user with a seamless, easy-to use solution for all media content while streamlining the operator’s efforts.

To download the whitepaper, click here.

About the author:

Dr. Fleming Lampi is Global Product Director at ACCESS, where he oversees the development and strategy of ACCESS’solutions for media sharing and data management. During his professional career, he gained experience within a number of areas, such as engineering, consulting, editing, integration and management for companies including Siemens, Bruker, element 5, Heiler Software, eureleA, SpoVNet, Kavisio, net mobile and more. Since 2003, he has been focusing on the broadcast and streaming industry, both from a technical and commercial perspective as event, project, and product manager as well as in business management. Fleming studied computer science and focussed on multimedia and e-learning at the University of applied sciences in Karlsruhe and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Mannheim. Follow him on Twitter / Linkedin

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