Solving the multiscreen advertising conundrum at ad:tech London

Ad:tech London took place at the Olympia Conference Hall in London on October 21-22, which enabled us to dive into an examination of the ad led monetization opportunities that multiscreen provides during a fireside chat with our partner YuMe, a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions.

The broadcast industry has been built around advertising since the inception of television. Advertising has a well-established ecosystem and is the largest source of revenue for many TV operators. However, the web and the proliferation of multiscreen devices have changed the way many brands now approach advertising. Ad agencies and their clients are increasingly looking to understand subscriber demographics and behaviour, target them accordingly through tailored recommendations and personalized advertising, as well as report on the results.

At ad:tech, Owen Hanks, GM Europe for our advertising partner YuMe, commented: “If this was a one screen conversation, it would be horribly dull. However, the integration with ACCESS allows us to utilize several screens and the technology that YuMe provides offers the ability to reach a specific audience. So this isn’t just about how to reach them when they move from the TV to the PC. This is how we get consumers to see brands outside one or two devices and companies like ACCESS have the ability to offer technology that can reach consumers on 7 or 10 devices.”

This proliferation of devices combined with different methods and ways of consuming content has made the delivery of content to the right screen at the right time and in the right format exponentially more complex. This translates into technological challenges such as content trans-cryption as well as an increased need for granular targeting of user behaviours and demographics on every connected device. PayTV and OTT operators need to be able to offer insight into the devices used to access content, the duration each video has been watched, when subscribers switch from one programme to the next, etc. This requires robust real-time data analytics solutions that can feed the operator’s back end constantly, as well as efficient delivery to a myriad of screens. However, this constant wave of data can be difficult to navigate for operators, who need to be able to digest it in order to improve their services and ensure they offer consumers the content they really crave. In a multiscreen world where information flows freely permanently, it is crucial for operators to rely on robust and flexible technologies that adapt to their needs. Efficient data analytics can help them create personalised content catalogues that fit each viewer’s interests, as well as deliver personalised advertisements as pre- and post-rolls or even ad insertions in the consumer’s PVR content.

To offer a solution that delivers the right advertising message to the right screen at the right time in a multiscreen world, ACCESS and YuMe have collaborated to integrate YuMe’s SDK within ACCESS Twine to provide operators including cable MSOs, Telcos, and satellite TV customers, with advanced digital advertising capabilities. YuMe’s proven multiscreen solution supports ACCESS’ network technology in order to cater to operator’s needs, and enables delivery to every screen in the home through a single platform. YuMe’s efficient data sciences work in tandem with ACCESS Twine to better understand subscriber demographics and behaviour, and target them accordingly.

By integrating standards-based technology, operators can leverage a host of branding opportunities, including interactive banner or video advertisements in the first impression screen or as pre- or post-roll video. It allows operators to gain insight into service usage patterns and develop new revenue streams through data analytics, such as personalized recommendations and targeted advertising. ACCESS Twine enables operators to better analyse the consumer’s viewing habits and allows for targeted suggestions on VoD portals and TV user interfaces, which have been proven to increase customer satisfaction and ARPU.

There are already an average of 4.4 screens per person in the US and 4.8 in the UK and the number of screens used to access video is sure to rise even further in the coming years. This means that it’s increasingly important for operators to deploy solutions that facilitate delivery of content to every platform and to be able to serve targeted advertising to every screen and platform. Solutions like ACCESS Twine enhanced with YuMe’s multiscreen advertising platform enable operators to integrate the best of both worlds directly in their existing framework, ensuring that they will be able to understand their subscribers with clarity and offer personalised content on every platform to maximize the effectiveness and monetization of next generation ad models.

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